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New!    45-Caliber, 362-Grain Transonic Bullet

Owners of any newer "Winchester" '94 gun having a rebounding hammer. I will not work on any such "Ranger" gun for any reason. I may consider working on the 30-30 chambering version but don't count on it.

I find the former to be undependable and prone to breakage.

I find the latter to be impossible to smooth up to any reasonable degree.

I am now doing Marlin 1894 conversion (modern guns only) into custom chambering. So far, we have done the 440 Cor-Bon, 475 Linebaugh and 50 Action Express.

Similarly, I can now convert the 1895 Marlin to 450 Alaskan, 50 Alaskan or the mighty 510 Kodiak Express.

Many other chamberings are feasible and the list of potential wildcat options is essentially endless. Call about pricing for this custom work.



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